What’s The New News Documentary 2018

What’s the New News Documentary

This documentary, that is brilliantly filmed by Brenda Cruz-Wolf, gives frames and gives some context to the WTNN project. I want to thank everyone who participated to make this project a success.  Enjoy!

Filmed and Produced by: Brenda Cruz-Wolf and Nathaniel Donnett

Shot & Edited by: Brenda Cruz-Wolf

Additional footage: Nathaniel Donnett & Matthew Barrett

Photographed by: Cassie Skelly

WTTN Commissioned by: Project Row Houses

Curator: Ryan Dennis

Newspaper Editor: Julia Brown

Artists: Ashura Bayaan, Jeanette Degollado, Nathaniel Donnett, Marlon Foster

Matt Manalo, Sofia Mekonnen, Brian Pluto, Phillip Pyle, Anthony Suber

Monica Villareal

Writers: Dr. Andrea Roberts, Dr. Andrea Roberts, Michon Benson, Julia Brown

Nathaniel Donnett, Theresa Escobedo, Ciaran Finlayson, Jane Foreman

Lindsay Gary, Jeremy Johnson, Josie Pickens, Dr. Andrea Roberts

Jean Sebastien, Laura A. L. Wellen, Charisse Weston, Carol Zou

Music:  Nathaniel Donnett, Kevin “Kay” Jackson, Ronnie “King” Mason

Special Guests: Ryan, Dennis, John Guess, Deloyd Parker, Ella Russell





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