What’s The New News Teen Writing Workshop

In conjunction with What’s The New News, writer and educator Josie Pickens led a two-day literacy workshop over Spring Break with youth from Third Ward. The workshops allowed for young creatives to learn methods of contemplating and investigating their feelings about and understanding of art, culture, community, politics, and activism through group conversations.


A great African Proverb reminds us that until the lions have their own storytellers, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.  Josie Pickens’ life work is to help the lions of the world tell their stories. Pickens is an activist, culture critic, scribe, educator and soldier of love.  She utilizes all of her various talents and passions to uplift and translate the narratives of women and people of color through the lenses of creative writing, journalism, performance and professorship.  As a columnist for Ebony Digital, Jo explores love and relationships in a manner that focuses on our humanity and self-love foremost, and specifically comments on topics associated with race and feminism. She also offers insightful and authentic cultural critique on subjects ranging from pop culture to politics for various publications including Ebony.com, The Root, and The Guardian, and serves as a composition instructor and mentor for students at Texas Southern University.


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