What’s The New News Documentary 2018

What's the New News Documentary This documentary, that is brilliantly filmed by Brenda Cruz-Wolf, gives frames and gives some context to the WTNN project. I want to thank everyone who participated to make this project a success.  Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_qS3ZPLAVo&feature=youtu.be Filmed and Produced by: Brenda Cruz-Wolf and Nathaniel Donnett Shot & Edited by: Brenda Cruz-Wolf Additional... Continue Reading →


About What’s The New News

What’s The New News project was an idea I had in 2010 that responded to the changing of the guards in terms of the transferring of information and ways we learn about what is going on in society and more specifically, our communities. The newspapers were becoming more of a dated way to acquire that... Continue Reading →

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